Board Members

Prof. Boris Baer
  • Prof. Boris Baer
  • Director and Research Member
  • boris.baer@futurebeesfund.org
  • Boris is the director of the Centre for Integrative Bee Research, which is located at the University of Western Australia. The Centre conducts research to study the reproductive biology, immunity and ecology of honeybees. Boris is also involved in a number of national honeybee related activities. He has served on the scientific advisory board that dealt with the incursion of the Asian honeybee in Queensland and is a current board member of the RIRDC honeybee advisory board.

Harry East
  • Harry East
  • Beekeeping Industry
  • harry.east@futurebeesfund.org
  • Harry is a professional beekeeper with more than 40 years’ experience. He is part of the Better Bees of Western Australia breeding program, which is Australia’s largest and longest running queen bee breeding program. Harry East is well known and respected in the industry and has been actively involved in a number of activities in the past to address current and future issues arising in the industry.

Kim Philips
  • Kim Philips
  • Education
  • kim.philips@futurebeesfund.org
  • Kim runs the House of Honey, which has become a major attraction in the Swan Valley and at the same time supports her husband in his very successful beekeeping business. She is president of Honey Festival Inc., the driving force behind Honey Month activities in Western Australia. Kim is also continuously involved in organising beekeeping courses and other outreach activities.

Dr. Barbara Baer-Imhoof
  • Dr. Barbara Baer
  • Outreach
  • barbara.baer-imhoof@futurebeesfund.org
  • Barbara is the outreach officer of the Centre for Integrative Bee Research at The University of Western Australia and has organised and run honeybee exhibitions at the Perth Royal Show and Scitech as well as public lectures and school visits. As secretary of Honey Festival Inc., she organised events in WA for the national Honey Month 2014. She has been a driving force to initiate the making of the documentary More than Honey together with her father, Swiss movie director Markus Imhoof. This film was the Swiss contribution to the Oscar nominations for 2014. Together with the Swiss and German Embassies, Barbara organised screenings in Perth for the German Film Festival and visited screenings in Melbourne, Sydney and Albany as a guest speaker.

Prof. Juerg Weber
  • Prof. Juerg Weber
  • Fundraising
  • juerg.weber@futurebeesfund.org
  • Juerg is an Associate Professor of Economics at The University of Western Australia’s Business School. His research focuses on macroeconomics and agricultural risk management, and he is interested in the economics of beekeeping. Juerg provides advice on fundraising activities and the management of the Fund. For this, he maintains a network of contacts supporting the Fund’s cause.

Devon Ward
  • Devon Ward
  • Art and Design
  • devon.ward@futurebeesfund.org
  • Devon Ward is an artist, designer and interdisciplinary researcher affiliated with SymbioticA and CIBER. He is currently developing alternative beehive designs. Additionally, he works to encourage public engagement with bees and to improve public awareness of the current ecological threats to the honeybee.