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Honey Festival

The House of Honey in the Swan Valley hosted Western Australia's annual Honey Festival. The event was part of Honey Festival Inc.'s Honey Month, a new outreach event that uses the entire month of May to spread awareness about global honey bee decline. The Honey Festival featured locally bottled honey, informative talks held by WA industry beekeepers and events for the family.

Honey Month

Honey Bees

Honey Bee

Bees belong to a very large group of insects known as the Hymenoptera, which means “membrane wings”. Other well-known hymenopteran species are the ants and wasps. More than 150,000 species have been identified, although many additional species still need to be properly named and described.

When we talk about honey bees, we typically refer to a species that is known as the Western or European honey bee, but there are actually at least seven different species of honey bees and more than 40 different subspecies. Some of these of other species, such as the Asian honey bee, are also used for pollination and honey production.

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