The Future Bees Fund educates the public about the importance of bees through activities such as honey week festivals, public talks, school visits, and art and science exhibitions.

Be part of our activities—come along to an event, or help organise a talk or school visit in your local community. For more information, contact Dr Barbara Baer-Imhoof at the Centre for Integrative Bee Research.

Outreach Overview

More Than Honey

More than Honey

We are proud to support More than Honey, an acclaimed feature-length documentary that has wowed audiences in 21 European countries with footage of the intimate lives of honeybees.

Dr. Barbara Baer-Imhoof, a Board Member of the Future Bees Fund, was a driving force to initiate the making of the movie More than Honey, together with her father, Swiss movie director Markus Imhoof. This documentary will be the Swiss contribution to the Oscar nominations for 2014.

Public Demonstrations

The Fund supports activities that aim to inform a broader public about the fascinating life of honeybees and their importance for human food production, as well as the current problems of bees and their declines. The Fund actively supports public talks, art and science exhibitions, festivals such as the yearly Honey Festival and public screenings of films.