The Issues

Global Honey Bee Decline

Honey bees are a major contributor to agricultural production. About a third of every mouthful of food is pollinated by bees. In recent years the global honey bee population has dramatically declined and will have have a significant impact on our food security. The decline of honey bees is the result of many factors, making this a complex issue.

Varroa Mite

Honey Bees

Honey Bee

Bees belong to a very large group of insects known as the Hymenoptera, which means “membrane wings”. Other well-known hymenopteran species are the ants and wasps. More than 150,000 species have been identified, although many additional species still need to be properly named and described.

When we talk about honey bees, we typically refer to a species known as the Western or European honey bee, but there are actually at least seven different species of honey bees and more than 40 different subspecies. Some of these of other species, such as the Asian honey bee, are also used for pollination and to produce honey.

The Causes of Decline







What you can do to help